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ChiRoad is a leading manufacturer ans worldwide maketer in natural based chiral technology.
Enabling discovery, developing and manufacturing of advanced pharmaceutical ingredients.
Reaction Type Functional Group, Chemicals
Amine Protection/Deprotection Amide, Carbamate, Benzyl, etc.
Reduction (Hydride, Hydrogen) NaBH4, NaCNBH3, Pd/C, etc.
Esterification R= Me, Et, i-Pr, t-Bu, Bn, etc.
Chirality Inversion (R) íŠ (S), (S) íŠ (R)
Cyanation X íŠ CN
Ring Formation Furan, Epoxy, Pyrrolidine etc.
Halogenation F, Cl, Br, I
Oxidation Alcohol íŠ Carbonyl
Resolution Racemic íŠ Chiral